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Out In The Fields

Living in Nonthaburi on the edge of Bangkok has its advantages, the area is still relatively rural and the big city isn't too far away.

Despite the increasing number of 'moobans' - new housing estates that seem to appear overnight - farms and fields still hold out for now.

No matter which season I cycle around there's always something happening, whether harvesting, plowing, fishing, etc.

Only afterward I noticed the bird sitting on top of the tree.

Flooded fields are photogenic as well.

And locals make good use of them.

There are plenty of birds usually but they all disappear as soon as I get off my bike to take a photo...

These guys were getting ready to spray the fields...

Nice patterns but unfortunately no mysterious 'crop circles' here...

This type of farm is closer to my place.

The 'mooban' in the back is waiting for an opportunity to take over this piece of rural land.

Some farms are being taken over by nature instead.

Some consider high voltage masts as ugly but nowadays I think they're just part of the landscape.

I'm sure there are no hill tribes in Nonthaburi so field burning is done by locals here too!

No more buffaloes...

But I thought this looks quite spectacular as well!

My favorite farmhouse, complete with a cat on the roof!

However this seems to be the future, another piece of farmland cleared...

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