Pak Khlong Talad: Put some flowers in your hair

Bangkok's biggest flower market is an amazing place!

This flower market (Pak Khlong Talad) has been around for ages and seen many changes over the years.

Despite the recent appearance of the fancy/touristy Yodpiman Riverwalk (*) the flower market's business continues as usual.

Also the fact that the vendors are no longer to spill over Chakkraphet Road during the evenings and nights hasn't made much of an impact.

Inside be prepared for a riot of colours and smells.

Usually there are not that many tourists here.

When taking photos watch out that you're not blocking the way!

As expected there are more than a few cats wandering around.

Some locals (and an occasional bicycle tour group) cycle through here as well!

The whole place is kind of maze like...

Besides flowers all kinds of vegetables and fruit can be found here as well.

Some parts can be wet and slippery...

You can easily spend hours here!

It's a bustling and active place almost 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

On the other side of Chakkraphet Road the market just continues and hand trucks are the main form of transportation.

There some historical buildings can be seen.

The Flower Market can be easily reached by Chaophraya Express boat (either get off at Yodpiman or Rajinee pier), MRT (Sanam Chai Station) or various buses.


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