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Parks of Arnhem

These corona days I spent either in Loosdrecht with my brother or in Arnhem with my sister, 2 very different places.

In my previous blogpost I showed a bit of Loosdrecht and its surrounding area, very rural and in a way classic Dutch.

Arnhem however is a big city in the East, but still with lots of older sections and some beautiful parks of which we visited two yesterday.

Angerenstein Park has a long history, going back all the way to 1487 as a private estate, but it only became public about 20 years ago.

The weather was perfect for some walking tru the parks while keeping social distancing in mind...

I better stop rambling on and let the pics speak for themselves...

The next park we visited was just across the road: Sacré Coeur

Sacré Coeur Park dates from 1883 and has been a public place since 2001.

Here too various massive trees - some over a 100 years old - can be found and admired.

Special in this park is the landart-object ‘Sawah Belanda’ which consists of several stone book pages.

The texts showcase various aspects of Dutch Indonesians' lives which make for unsettling reading, but eye-opening at the same time, I found it a very effective way of getting parts of 'unknown' history across.

At the gate of Angerenstein...

More info about the above 2 parks and art can be found here:

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