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Pets & People

I usually enjoy observing the interaction between people and their pets, although at times it seems to be the other way around!

Here are some of my people+pet encounters from the last 2 months, hope you like them.

When I got a bit closer her dogs became less friendly...

At the Pak Khlong Talad, I found these 2...

Highly doubtful whether her dog helps her sell lottery tickets, but who knows?!

Despite the owner standing nearby, I didn't want to take any risks, these small ones can go quickly berserk and start barking up a storm, nothing to be afraid of but irritating for sure!

I've seen this couple now twice at Talad Noi...

Footpath trio at Maha Rat Rd.

Cycling companion at Ratchadamnoen Avenue.

At a Tha Tien shop they even had posted a sign: Watch Out for the Cat!

Very quickly I discovered that to be true after coming too close...

A well-dressed temple dog at Wat Paknam, not necessarily a pet...

Coffeeshop cat behind Wat Arun.

In Chinatown, this lady showed off her cat proudly.

'Why's that silly human taking photos of me?'

Enjoying(?) a blowout...

Not sure either if we're dealing with a pet here, but she was very pleased to show us her rooster.

Somewhere in one of the Thoet Thai alleys I met these 2.

After finishing our meal at a Saphan Phut Moo-Ka-Ta, I couldn't help noticing this fat companion of the cashier!

At a classic Mom & Pops store near Wat Puranawat, they had heaps of felines...

Door guard at a Pak Khlong Talad shop.

At a Phraeng Phuthon coffee shop, I bumped into a not particularly happy-looking 'Dollar', named like that because her owner 'loves money'...

His dog has been accompanying him for many years and feels perfectly safe on the back of this monster bike.

Finally, here's our Ruay, cruising around my wife's leg...

Here she is in all her glory, we've had Ruay for over 10 years now!

And here's that other lazy coffee shop cat again!

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