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Photographers Walk: Exploring a Bangkae Community 2

We continued winding our way through the alleys and got a bit lost at times, but that's always part of the fun.

Maybe some of the houses resembled more shacks, but usually a large screen tv was part of the interior.

Most households had gardens and all kinds of plants & flowers seemed to grow everywhere.

Quite a few members of the group already took pictures of this kid so he just jumped in front of my mobile!

The Thai flag is usually well visible.

A study in yellow and blue?

I have seen this flower countless times, but still take photos of it.

Some kind of fruit or seedpot...

A neat bamboo tool to collect mangoes!

Outdated calendar but still pretty girl.

Attractive looking flowers.

These letterboxes were having a hard time surviving.

This old lady was happy to pose for us.

Just an odd combination.

It looked like someone tried to repair that house with sticky tape...

In a kind of spirit house.

An almost camouflaged grandma.

Some flowers literally jumped out...

It can be difficult to find the right balance of when it's acceptable to take pics of people or not...

To be continued!

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