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Photographers Walk Rim Khlong Ratchamontri

Last month I joined the traditional walk again, this time in an area I hardly knew anything about: a community in the Bangkae area.

As usual lots of old houses, narrow lanes, canals, etc., very enjoyable despite me not being a fan of Doremon!

Nasty spines abound...

Gas delivery.

Disintegrating blue fence and green leaves offer a nice contrast.

High-rise framed by leaves.

Barbed wire and old wood.

I like to play around with reflections.

Locked up...


Flaking paint.

Even a mask got cleaned and is now hanging out drying...

A large piece of cloth used as sun protection in poor state.

Soccer Sweets?

Flowers in various stages.

Korean BBQ restaurant ad.

Thai coffee anyone?

Some hairy plant...

Wood & iron.

A locked up spirit house?

Various shades of purple.

To be continued!

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