Photography for the Instagram generation vs Reality

More than a few people have said that they like my photos and asked if I give them any ‘post treatment’ before posting. Sure, most of the time I do!

In the past I used Photoshop a lot, but nowadays there are lots of alternatives and for me BeFunky ( works best, just a few tweaks (crop, rotate, exposure, beautify, sharpen and adding a frame) usually result in a slightly better shot.

Once and a while I have a picture which doesn’t need anything, I managed to get it just right, but again, that doesn’t happen very often.

Another important thing is of course is to focus on what is attractive or even better, looks seemingly ordinary but could be interesting when viewed from a certain angle.

This too can result in decent shots, but of course leaves out the ‘surroundings’ which at times can be very, very different…

Good example are these traditional fishing boats which still operate in the South of Thailand, they look quite photogenic, but in order to shoot them I had to walk on the beach which smelled downright evil (rotting fish & worse) and the flies buzzing around didn’t help much either.

Oh, I forgot to mention all the rubbish everywhere…, just a fact of life, that’s the way local fishermen still live!

This is usually kept ‘hidden’ on purpose as it shows the unattractive aspects of reality and doesn’t appeal to tourists…

Another example from my traveling past; in 1984 I was traveling in Sri Lanka and had noticed a stunning tourism promotion poster, it featured a smooth beach with a tropical island in the background, paradise indeed!

By accident I stumbled on the actual beach a few days later, recognized the island immediately, however the beach was a different story.

I was there in the early morning and the nearby villagers had used it as their communal toilet area…, oops!

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