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Pump It Up

Last month my brother Gert got a request from a bike shop owner for building a massive replica of the classic Jumbo bicycle pump from the 1960s (*).

As he is always open to a challenge, he accepted this new job and began to make preparations. Of course, I wasn't there to take photos but he took quite a few during the construction process which you can see here:

May 28 was the official delivery day and luckily I'd arrived a few days before.

Gert had stored the monster pump in his (still under renovation) living room...

Together we put it carefully on a tiny trailer and made sure it couldn't fall off!

Gert had also made a tiny hand truck to move the pump in and out of the shop.

Together with bike shop owner Co Verhoef in front of his shop.

Co with an original Jumbo pump!

It just fitted inside the shop!

From now on the pump will be shown here and can be used for inflating bicycle tires!


Total height: 250 cm (entrance bike shop: 255 cm!)

Handle: 105 cm long, 15 cm round

Mainframe: 2 m high, 20 cm diameter

Platform: 110 cm long, 70 cm wide, 5 cm thick


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