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Put De Lime In The Coconut

During one of my recent cycle trips, I noticed a huge pile of burnt coconuts alongside a roadside stall.

It seemed like a good opportunity for a photo stop and a drink perhaps.

The owner showed me the whole process and was more than happy to let me take photos.

It was quite something which clearly showed that you need to have strong (& fireproof!) hands…

So what’s the difference between ordinary fresh coconut and a roasted one?

Once opened the roasted coconut smells fragrant!

Also the so-called meat will peel off the shell’s inside easily.

'OK, keep your mobile ready!'

The raw product...

Roast the buggers and afterwards dump them in water, see underneath.

Cooling down by a quick dip

Despite the dip in the water that shell is still seriously hot!

More cutting needs to be done

He did it really fast, but then again, he probably has been doing this for years!

'Drink it here?'

As for the taste? (Sorry about the plastic straw, I know evil, but no alternative available)

I loved it, despite being pretty hot, it really was a bit sweeter than fresh coconut juice, the best 30 baht I spent in a long time!

p.s. But I like cold coconut juice just as much ;-)

Oh, I have no idea about putting lime in a coconut, but it's a great Harry Nillson song:

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