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Rattanakosin Barhopping

I'd noticed the green top part of this old building on Maha Chai Road before while walking there some mornings, one of those ramshackle houses in Rattanakosin, intriguing in a certain way, but unclear what is was used for...

Recently though I suddenly saw that red sign underneath: Taisoon Bar!

That seemed like a very good reason to return at a more suitable time...

So I did yesterday and ended up pleasantly surprised!

I talked a bit with the staff, apparently Taisoon opened in Oct. 2019, and their clientele is a mixture of locals and foreigners.

Taisoon Bar's interior design was inspired by a historical story “Ghost door” or “Pratu-Phee” and the charms of an abandoned Chinese drug store that was built more than 100 years ago!

I promised to return later that day with 2 visiting friends for dinner and beers.

In the evening it looks really cool and the red lights work great with the stripped-down interior.

They even have some funky ceiling light decorations.

In the back are several refrigerators loaded with (craft) beers!

They have 2 more floors upstairs.

Again nicely decorated.

And pretty comfy looking.

This kind of grungy look is very popular, I have seen it now at quite a few other places.

Traditional lanterns are used a lot.

Bird's eye view of the bar from the second floor.

18 beers on tap, I tried no. 10, excellent!

Good food too, we had a couple of dishes and were satisfied.

Minor point, immediately after we had ordered our food and drinks we were served the bill!

We didn't have to pay on the spot, but it didn't encourage us to order anything else...

Even so, I can see myself dropping by from time to time.

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