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Riding Along The Khlong

When traveling on foot or by bike I use my mobile’s Google Maps from time to time which usually works fine.

However I must admit to being tempted to try out those little trails which don’t even show up on maps, especially elevated concrete walkways alongside a ‘khlong’ (canal), despite the fact that they are usually one-way, in poor condition, and dog infested...

Luckily last week I found a very neat one just off Mahasawad Road, complete with Soi signboards as well, amazing indeed!

The ‘entrance’ was well hidden next to the Krung-Non bridge.

The path wasn’t that narrow and had fences on the sides, at least part of the way. (*)

I hoped I wasn't going to end up as that teddy bear lying in the mud...

Instead of dogs I encountered a happy chicken, nice for a change!

Banyan trees have these fantastic roots growing back to the ground.

Khlong Mahasawad (**) is connected to the Chao Phraya river and therefore has low/high tides.

Not surprisingly fishing is popular here.

Most of the wooden houses are quite ramshackle, but still, home sweet home!

I guess their legal status is tricky, probably people have living there for years but not necessarily with all the nowadays required documentation...

A very tiny mom and pops store.

Corners are usually at 90 degrees, better slow down before going around them!

On the left a huge wall of some housing estate.

Some houses have already disappeared with only the bathrooms remaining.

The other (Bangkok) side of Khlong Mahasawad is well protected (but not very attractive) with concrete barriers.

If I remember correctly the construction of those barriers was done after the massive flooding of 2011...

Those paths look really high up during low tide!

One of the few people I met during this ride.

He was using one of those crossbow fishing devices. (***)

The last stretch along Khlong Saphan Phak to Atchariya Prasit Road.

A nice wooden 'sala'.

Parking one's motorbike on the side.

And there was the official signpost!

The trail continued on the other side of the road but not always along the Khlong.

The dog beside the spirit house wasn't very pleased with me taking pictures and started barking like a maniac...

Another piece of overgrown fishing equipment.

Back along the Khlong again.

Here was more motorcycle traffic as well.

Really a nice stretch with trees providing shade.

End of the trail at Wat Tanod Maha Sawat!

(*) I try to avoid the really narrow paths without any fencing, just too scary...

(**) Spelling as usual varies: Mahasawad, Mahasawat, Maha Sawat, etc.

(***) More on those here:

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