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Rock The Boat

In Thailand’s past boats were the main form of transportation as roads were few and usually just dirt tracks.

Bangkok was known as the Venice of the East (but without the massive cruise ships).

With the coming of the railway and motorized traffic, things changed slowly but surely, especially after the Vietnam War new roads spread throughout Thailand.

On a much smaller level, local people kept using their boats whether for transport, fishing, or selling goods.

In villages along the khlongs (canals) boats remain popular for those reasons.

Nowadays most visitors to Bangkok visit perhaps Damnoen Saduak Floating Market and leave with mixed feelings, plenty of boats for sure, but also very touristy…

Taking a long-tail boat tour is a bit more authentic as one passes through small canals and old neighborhoods, but most follow the same routes…

However, just a bit further out in Nonthaburi’s countryside offers a different picture altogether, and here is a collection of impressions taken during some of my last bicycle rides.

Besides long-tails, there are rowing boats (both wooden and plastic), khanom (=sweets) sellers, taxi vessels, and more, take your pick!

Rocket boats are not really my cup of tea...

Noisy long-tail boats are still used almost everywhere.

Here comes a one-boat floating market!

Most 'captains' were happy to give me a smile for my mobile.

Monks are doing their rounds on the khlongs as well.

Ready for sale!


There is nothing worse than being stuck in a sluice with 10+ other long tail boats waiting to return to the Chao Phraya river for the last stretch back to the pier, but not much choice...

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