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Rockin' @ Loei

Suan Hin Pha Ngam Park offers unusual rock formations, lush forest, hanging creepers, vibrant colours and more examples of nature running wild, definitely worth visiting.

The resemblance with Kunming's Stone Forest is at times very obvious.

Just ignore the selfie instructions at the roadside and focus instead on the nature itself.

Fascinating to see how trees grow near and around the rock formations.

A 'window' in the rock wall.

Some of the outcroppings have uncanny shapes...

Narrow passage ways...

Plenty of forest around but the trail is relatively easy to follow on your own.

Creepers in all shapes and forms.

Another 'portal' leading visitors to the 'back' of the main area.

Guides and transport can be arranged on the spot as well for longer excursions!

Like this!

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