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Rotterdam, from the past to the present.

Another trip in Netherlands and a short visit to Rotterdam, a major port city in the Dutch province of South Holland, with my old friend Kees.

We walked from the Noordereiland to the ship museum, the famous cube houses, the public library, the Markt Hall, the Marten Toonder Plein and back.

Despite the poor weather it was pretty cool trip, starting from the Willems Brug.

The Maritiem Museum is a kind of open air shipyard with various old boats still being in good condition.

The Spanjaards Brug dates from 1886.

Het Witte Huis (The White House).

The famous cube houses were built in 1984 and are all still in use, some even as hostels.

The Public Library is an amazing place with lots of facilities.

The Markt Hall has become a major tourist attraction, but already quite a few shops went belly up...

Marten Toonder is a well known writer / comic book artist in Netherlands and this statue honors some of his characters.

Another view of the Maritiem Museum with the Willems Brug in the background.

The Nieuwe Maas river is a major gateway for lots of freight boats and ships.

Alternative transportation: Rotterdam's River Bus.

More historic boats along the Westerkade.

Note the Erasmus Brug (a.k.a. The Swan) in the background.

And finally back across the Willems Brug!

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