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Rubber Recycling

Rubber production is still big in Thailand, especially in the South there are still plenty of plantages cultivating rubber trees, but the prices have been falling over the years.

Rubber tire recycling has become another aspect that has grown here, I remember when suddenly rubber garbage bins were very popular, but that didn’t last very long unfortunately as I don't see them that much anymore.

Recently while cycling in Taling Chan I noticed something peculiar, fish objects, fences, and flowerpots made out of rubber tires, those last ones are nothing new really, but usually not coloured.

At first I assumed it was the work of someone local, but after paying a bit of attention I see them at various places.

I guess someone high up with the local authorities must have had a desire to develop his/her ‘artistic’ skills (*) and started kicking ass in order to ‘beautify’ the area...

I’m all in favor of recycling but do have some reservations in this case.

Of course beauty is in the eye of the stalker but still.., couldn’t they have used at least some other colours?

Right now we got shades varying from gruesome green to painful pale pink and anything in between, which got slapped on haphazardly.

The discovery of a roundabout completely decorated in this way with cups, teapots, and cut-up bottles resembling plants almost gave me a splitting headache.

Those plants in the teacups are real!

Smaller plastic gardens with fish standing guard I discovered under a bridge.

Clearly the fish are the most popular, but I’ve also spotted a swan, a turtle, and 2 motorcycles…

Mindboggling indeed!

(*) Or had a look here:

UPDATE 29 July 2021

While cycling in Bangyai this morning I suddenly spotted these!

A kind of garden furniture set?

It looks quite comfy.

Hello Kitty checkerboard, cute!

Another green Kerokerokeroppi version!

More Serious Links:ผลิตภัณฑ์ยางกับการรีไซเคิล.pdf

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