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After collecting my Thai tourist visa from the embassy in Den Haag my sister and I decided to checkout the nearby beach of Scheveningen...

The weather during the whole week was pretty awful, but that day the sun finally broke through.

Despite the lockdown there were a few people enjoying an almost empty beach.

A few dogs had a great time racing around, not bothered with the strong wind and the cold sea.

Huge tankers were visible on the horizon, we even saw some kite surfers and a single swimmer!

Schevening's famous pier and Ferris wheel were both closed of course.

Neat mirror effect.

The restaurant was normally packed with visitors...

The classic Kurhaus was built in 1818 and has been renovated several times (*).

No lack of seagulls!

This is rather embarrassing, using a huge Buddha statue as an entrance decoration of a beach-club is just plain wrong!

This seagull was smart, a minute or 2 after I took this photo he flew away, waited around a bit and suddenly dived down to grab a few french fries out of a tourist's hand!

Luckily this didn't happen!


#Netherlands #photoblog #photography #beach #scheveningen #kurhaus

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