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Stays in Phnom Penh...!

Here we are getting to the end of my 3 hour walk.

Like in Bangkok, but somehow even worse, a total mess of wires.

Mekong boulevard, very quiet at this time of the day.

An older street sign.

Very bright green...

That guy on the right is about fall out of my photo!

Sugarcane I guess.

A cyclo station...

Another cool tuk.

Here's Mr. Von's vehicle.

It's cyclo time.

An old gated alley.

Fish drying.

Playing in the middle of the alley.

Drink stand.

Old corner house full of even older machinery...

First time I found a modern style mural.

Garbled English remains funny, to me at least.

Rather different from Bangkok!

Petrol stand.

Barber in action.

Taking a nap.

Sticker shop, the examples give a good indication about local issues.

A spirit house for the wires?

Serious nasty looking wall protection...

Let's go to Blu's....

Later that evening: This better stays in Phnom Penh!

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