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Stop That Train

Despite the high costs of traveling by train in Netherlands I occasionally make use of it.

And once I'm on a train I usually enjoy it as well, either reading something or watching the world go by.

What really started this post was a bike ride along part of the railway line between Hilversum and Maartensdijk as the portals (1938) are unique and only used for this part.

They were made of concrete and are still in good condition. (*)

At Utrecht Central Station.

Pigeons couldn't care less about corona instructions....

Classic Dutch landscape.

At a small station.

Only window seating was allowed, but everything is supposed to be back to 'normal' after 1 July.

Giant windmills are scattered across Netherlands.

Second class is pretty comfy in fact!

Love those clouds!

Arriving in a town...

At Rotterdam Central Station.

Going down...

Going forward...

Going up...

Arriving at my platform...

Relatively quiet...

Here come the trains.

Better get ready!

More window views.

Electricity pylons are everywhere as well...

Face masks are mandatory, although more inside the trains than on the stations...


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