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Testing, testing, 1, 2, 3...

A good week ago I had my first corona test in Arnhem at a clinic which could also provide me with a Fit to Fly document.

The Fit to Fly part consisted of the doctor asking me some basic questions about my health and finally taking my temperature, piece of cake really, but still rather expensive...

I'm sure all of you know by now how a standard corona PCR test is done so I'll spare you the details.

But the fact remains that I'm usually terrified when it comes to doctor visits like these, anything that goes a bit deep down my throat makes me want to throw up and this nose 'acupuncture thing' scared me even more...

On the 8th I got a Line message with instructions about the upcoming first corona test on the 10th which I dutifully acknowledged politely Thai style which clearly shows that I've been living in Thailand for a very long time! (*)

Of course I would have preferred to reply like I really felt, terrified, and finally just refuse it!

On the other hand that might just have screwed up everything so I left it with an 'OK'.

In the meantime my imagination started to run overtime on every possible scenario, all of them unpleasant!

Putting my fears on paper might do the trick, use a psychological approach in order to make me feel more at ease afterwards seemed worth a try!

So much for psychological mumbo-jumbo, but I decided to do it once more...

Nah, this didn't work for me at all!

On the 10th in the early afternoon I got a visit from a staff dressed in a full hazmat suit (**) who requested me to go to the 7th floor, room 705.

I put on a new mask and headed for the elevators, outside acting like a cool cucumber but inside...

In room 705 were 3 other hazmatted staff of unknown origin/species, but listening to them speaking Thai I guessed they were female(***).

To prepare them for my ridiculous behavior I warned them in advance...

Luckily the whole throat scraping + nose swabbing thing was finished in a minute or so, but I had the distinct impression that the swab went up my left nostril and came out of my right ear...

On the 12th I should get the results (****) and the second (and last) test will be on the 16th.

Wish me luck!

(*) Replying to a hospital staff appointment with a cute sticker seems completely 'normal' to me nowadays...

(**) The Dutch doctor who did the test only wore a standard mask...

(***) Nowadays you can't be really sure of that, especially not here!

(****) Hopefully negative otherwise I might expect a visit from hazmatted soldiers equipped with machine guns and a flamethrower!

UPDATE: I just got the results: Negative!

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