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Since a year or 2 I've been a member of the Bangkok Photographers Group (BPG), a pretty informal bunch of professional and amateur characters, and have participated in some of their walks through Bangkok and its suburbs, its focus being mainly on urban street photography.

The first time I joined one of their walks I was worried a bit, imagining a horde of photographers equipped with massive cameras surrounding locals and shooting the crap out of them...

To my pleasant surprise it turned out to be completely different, sure a lot of photographers from various nationalities, but the group spread out quickly.

Also their equipment varied from state of the art cameras with rocket launcher size lenses to ordinary smart phones!

These photos are a selection I shot during last month's walk in Thonburi's Tha Phra area.

We walked as usual through quiet lanes and alleys, at times stopping to chat with local people and ask permission to take their photo.

That last part - asking permission - is of course the polite thing to do, but often people immediately start posing which is something I don't like much, although the underneath shot is a neat exception ;-)

In some cases I just take a whole bunch of shots and later select what I think is best.

This lady was posing for another photographer.

Taking pics of photographers in action I like as well, it just shows different aspects.

This was the third shot, in the first two all the ladies were looking at me.

Playing children usually are fun to shoot as well.

No lack of fascinating objects or unusual combinations...

Underneath photo is with a so-called 'drama' filter, I don't use it very often.

One of Bangkok's biggest(?) Buddha statues under construction...

To get a better idea of what this group is doing, check this out:

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