Thai Trucks

Altogether I spent almost a year in Netherlands and kind of acclimatized to Dutch standards, including those of road transport, there probably safety first is number 1.

The contrast with those of Thai road transport is massive, safety is of some importance, but appearance is a whole different story!

Over the years I have seen all kinds of fancy cars, buses, tuktuks, trucks and odd contraptions on the roads here.

But this one definitely stood out as a 'King of the Road'.

The garish, kitschy color scheme was consistently used all over.

Why use only two rear-view mirrors when you can easily have twenty?!

Whoever was in charge of decoration hadn't forgotten the trailer!

The back of the trailer was a bit disappointing although the company name came over loud and clear...

The back of the truck itself looked more impressive with six exhaust pipes!

The front of the trailer displayed this landscape scene.

This was certainly the biggest I've ever seen!

Perhaps the driver was compensating for something?

Full front view, classic example of overkill. (*)

I can only hope that at night the driver doesn't use all those lights...

Why those four Michelin figures' heads on top of the cabin are covered in red cloth was unclear to me.

A little further I saw another one in action!

End conclusion: European trucks are incredibly dull!

(*) As you can see the right cabin door was open so I peeked inside, but unfortunately the driver wasn't interested in any picture taking of the interior or himself

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