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Thanon Maha Rat

After the temple visits Anne and I took a sky train and express boat back to Yodpiman Riverside and from there walked through the Pak Khlong Talad, always a visual and olfactory experience.

Along the way I snapped shots of people, objects, animals and more.

Mobile phones are addictive...

Ice is used to keep the garlands longer fresh.

Leaves as packing material!

No plastic involved!

After the market we continued along Maha Rat Road and found this 'interesting' combination of a mural and Elvis!

How not to repair chairs..., although that cat couldn't care less.

People pay respect in odd ways...

Buddha and polar bear...

Some people are very creative...

School's out!

Always a good time to feed squirrels...

Great window display!

And some peopel love doing silly things!

And an artist's impression to finish this post.

Of course there's much more to Maha Rat, but that's for another post...

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