The 3 Cycleteers

Java, Dahon, Brompton

2 weeks ago my old friend Anne came over for a visit, all my folding bike stories turned out to be contagious and she decided to buy one here as prices were considerably lower than back home in Germany. We checked out 2 bicycle places and she ended up buying a pink Java, with a 9 kilo weight and 3 gear perfect for her.

I contacted my buddy Dave for a joint ride and we all agreed on something new, cycling from Taopoon to Banglumpoo! Checking google maps showed up plenty of connecting sois as well as large military bases which of course would be off limits, but that we’d solve on the spot (or get shot)…

Inside the bus; folded up the bikes fit in well!

On the day of our trip I first went by bus to Anne’s hotel on Phra Athit Rd and from there we took our bikes on a 30 aircon bus. Traffic was light and we arrived too early, so we cycled a bit around Taopoon MRT Station, looking for a coffee shop. A cappuccino later Dave showed up on his Brompton and off we went; “All for one and one for all, united we cycle divided we whatever.”

Unusual building at Wat Kaew Fah

The lanes were easily manageable, hardly any other traffic or dogs and we somehow got out at Samsen Road where we made our first stop at Wat Kaew Fah, not a particularly outstanding temple but pleasant enough along the riverside.

Anne & Dave admiring the view

From there we headed into town again and I was lucky enough to stumble on some narrow path along Klong Bang Krabue.

Left? Right? Straight? Return?

We meandered onwards, I sometimes checked my GPS just to see if the way we were going made any sense at all and surprisingly most of the time it just did!

Great tree!

We had some photo stops, Dave likes old houses with patina, Anne snaps whatever strikes her fancy and for me it depends on my mood, at certain times I’m feeling ‘artistic’ and photograph the shit out of my mobile whereas other times I can’t be bothered.

Nice mossy wall

A 50% Buddha statue, something I'd never seen before...

High time for a drink stop as cycling in April is hot as Hell and we stumbled upon a tiny coffee shop called Sit-Down-Please.

The fridge in front was full of appetizing looking stuff

At first we wanted to order coffee until we saw all the delicious fresh fruit mixes on the menu, that together with the shop’s 2 lazy house cats made it an excellent break.

It felt hotter....

Dave told me he’d like to see a bit of the Dusit area and there we found an official bicycle lane, they do exist after all!

At last the real deal

Next we cycled back to the riverside via the Thewet fresh market for a good lunch at Steve’s where we went over the morning’s cycle trip and agreed that it had been fun.

Thewet fresh market: Slippery when wet...

Great location for having a meal

Afterwards Dave had to return to his place and Anne & I cycled back to her hotel where we finally relaxed a bit.

Checking her camera

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