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The Art of Dodging Bullets

The final book cover!

Over the years I spent countless hours drinking beers with my old friend David while shooting the breeze, but more listening to him letting off steam as his logistics job at times drove him stark raving mad.

Fortunately most of his stories were in hindsight quite amusing and at times left us screaming with laughter.

Various departments at loggerheads...

He shared those stories with others as well, including a Malay colleague Aw Yang Uei, and after another beer drinking session they decided to write some of them down as kind of edutainment…

The first sketch...

At the beginning of the year David contacted me, asking if I was interested in drawing some pics for their collection.

In my experience I have been approached several times for such projects and painfully learned that it was best to make a few sketches and see how things progressed.

A very basic forklift sketch...

Despite all good intentions most of the time these endeavors failed miserably due to all kinds of reasons.

I experimented a bit but wasn’t too pleased at first. It took a while to come up with the right combination of characters and text, in this case mainly abbreviations, logistics is almost a language on its own…

Talking Logistics...

David kept on bringing such positive news that in June I started feverishly drawing 20+ drawings and a cover!

Sketches and Photoshop...

The results were shared with Aw, he liked them as well and they were forwarded to the editor.

An earlier cover draft (without bullets)...

Grammatical errors, dodgy sentences, misspellings and coffee stains were adjusted and the result is now on sale at Amazon as a kindle and paperback!

Get your copy here:

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