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The Long & Winding Road

Recently I came up with a different approach to show my fascination with this enormous sprawling chaos called Bangkok.

Usually I take pics of one particular place or while stumbling about at random, but this time I decided to walk a street from beginning to end and see what it has to offer on both sides.

The first one to receive this dubious honor is Rattanakosin's Atsadang Road.

Although not particular long nor winding it still has plenty to offer!

Starting from Ratchadamnoen Avenue it has an old veteran hotel (1942!) on the left side:

Royal Hotel (but in Thai it's called 'Rattanakosin'!). (*)

On the left side Atsadang Road runs paralel along Khlong Lot (**), with governmental buildings behind it.

In the past there used to be a 2nd hand market as well but that one became a victim of Bangkok's 'beautification' policy. (***)

Tuk Tuks are very common here.

Despite some renovation on the khlong sides there are still plenty of trees left.

The first temple we encounter is Wat Buranasiri Mattayaram.

After this temple a row of vintage 2 storey shop houses starts, all nicely painted in pale yellow with dark green awnings, window frames, and light green shutters.

Here's the junction with Bunsiri Road.

A lot of the shops sell musical instruments, audio equipment, government uniforms, hiking gear, and more.

Here you can enter the Samphraeng neighbourhood where most of the houses have neat little information stands explaining their history and purpose.

Khlong Lot has a few nice bridges, all different.

Note the large governmental building on the right.

Unusual dog head decoration of the Chang Rong Si Bridge, which refers to the year of the dog in the Chinese zodiac, after the last restoration in 1910.

At the corner of Bamrung Mueang Road is the 1931 Fazal Building which is in poor condition unfortunately.

On Atsadang's left side are some governmental buildings as well.

The Pi Kun Bridge dates from 1913.

Wat Ratchabophit Sathitmahasimaram with the Royal Cemetery in front of it.

The M. T. Rollin Club restaurant, apparently a very fancy 'Hi-So' place with 4 different themed rooms.

'No-So's like me are probably not allowed entrance ;-)

And here is the Dutch style Hok (tipping) Bridge.

Close up of one of the old shop houses.

Police hatted traffic box, brilliant!

NPE audio equipment shop housed in a very attractive building.

Electronic equipment repair service on the footpath.

This continues for quite a bit.

Some these street vendors have very colourful carts!

A tiny electronic goods alley...

There are a few very impressive Banyan trees along the khlong.

And on the Rachani Road side as well.

Phra Phithak intersection, here start the old Sino-Portuguese rows of shophouses.

In need of a serious lick of paint and more despite being registered as an 'ancient site'.

Note the 2nd floor rickety walkway between the 2 houses!

Hard to believe but Khlong Lot still attracts fishermen!

We're getting close to the Pak Khlong Talad/Flower Market.

Brightly orange coloured flower garlands are ready for delivery.

While taking this photo of that magnificent tree I saw something running, caught in this shot as well if you look carefully enough...


Nowadays these squirrels are everywhere as locals feed them.

Farm To Table Organic Cafe + the entrance of the T.C.P. Flower Market.

At the junction with Chakraphet Road, Saphan Charoenrat 31 was built in 1913.

Note the entrance of Sanam Chai MRT Station next to a tiny Cafe Amazon.

And here is the end of Atsadang as seen from Chakraphet Road...

P.s. Do NOT expect me to do something similar with Sukhumvit Road...

(*) Technically Royal Hotel is on Ratchadamnoen Avenue, but it is such a nice landmark, so I couldn't resist sneaking it in!

(**) Also spelled Khlong Lord or named as Khlong Rop Krung.

(***) Similar to Sanam Luang which was turned into a sterile (most of the time) sealed off parking lot :-(

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