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The Vaccinator

It was the right time for a new kind of hero, not some kind of mutant beating the crap our of criminals, aliens, Gods or morons…

After all with new Covid mutations appearing almost weekly the survival of mankind was at stake here!

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s... THE VACCINATOR!

That's our hero!

Most people hailed the Vaccinator as their savior as he single handedly managed to vaccinate hundreds of thousands in no time daily.

He's just on Bill Gates's payroll!

Of course, not everybody was happy, e.g. Anti-Vexers hated him with a passion!

It's all about principles you know?!

Others - although actually glad to be vaccinated - disapproved of the Vaccinator’s methods because they weren’t asked in advance whether they wanted a jab or not…

Ouch, that hurts like Hell!!!

And there were the 0.005% unfortunates, but when you consider that the Vaccinator roughly vaccinated about a hundred persons per second and his jabs went straight for any body part that happened to be available, oh well, shit happens!


Postscript: Many thanks to Marie Claire Aarts who came up with the suggestion to draw something around ‘The Jab’, although the first version didn’t really work...

I thought of the hero part much later...

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