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Thon Buri Si Mahasamut Biking Route

Wherever possible I like to bring a bit of variety to my cycling routine.

Recently I bumped into an official BMA bike routing map near Wat Puranawat.

Obviously, it had been there quite some time (only phone number, no QR code or website), but this ‘Thon Buri Si Mahasamut Biking Route’ looked quite impressive. (*)

Although quite detailed obviously it wasn’t to scale, its width should probably be 5x as much as shown above.

View of Wat Puranawat

I noticed some other weird things as well, e.g. it shows Taling Chan Floating Market, but the Lad Mayom Floating Market (despite being on the route) was completely ignored?

Starting at Thonburi Railway Station it didn’t mention the Ban Bu community either...

I love those old locs!

From Taling Chan Floating Market and the old bridge, you're supposedly cycling directly to the Chang Lek community.

It wasn't that easy and in fact, I had to try out more than a few dead-end paths before stumbling on a way through.

Small morning market near Wat Chang Lek.

Taken from the bridge between the 2 temples.

The entrance of Wat Rayrai.

In the end, I explored the route in 3 separate trips, as some parts were quite confusing to say the least.

Some parts of the recommended cycling route, such as this one along Khlong Bang Phrom were new to me but certainly appreciated.

You really have to watch your head, otherwise...

I encountered a few dogs as well...

Some parts were a bit spooky...

As the map had a few mistakes I bumped into this monstrous kitsch project...

Basilica of the Holy (seriously???)

Getting across the Borommaratchachonnani Highway is always a pain!

Chimpli Watergate was located incorrectly on the map and even getting across the real one is quite tricky as you can see from this picture!

Even so, it gave me plenty of opportunity for exploring different parts of my (extended!) neighborhood!


The map also mentioned a place called 'Ancient Siamese Cat Park ' which seems to have disappeared since.

From what I found googling it didn't sound very attractive at all - special(?) Khao Manee cats kept in cages - so good riddance!

(*) Despite googling in both English and Thai (เส้นทางจักรยานทณบุรีศรีมหาสมุทร) I couldn't find anything about this map online!

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