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Urban Feline Street Photography

I grew up with cats in our family and that left a lasting impression which continues up to this day.

Even if you don't share my passion you can't deny that often cats can be very photogenic, although lots of cat books/calendars/posters/etc. focus on very pretty 'pussies' only...

This encouraged me to concentrate more on cats I'd encounter along my Bangkok explorations on foot or by bicycle.

The last time I went walking with my old friend Steve, I was in a 'cat mood' and spotted them immediately at lots of places!

Some were highly suspicious about my intentions, but others were blissfully asleep.

Whereas others either completely ignored us or immediately wandered over, eager to get some attention...

In the last case that often screwed up the photo opportunity but it really didn't matter.

All in all, it was all good fun.

These 2 were very easy to shoot ;-)

Another lazy one...

The felines on this page didn't make my Catlander, but that was only because of the limit I'd set myself, 1 cat per month...

If you'd like to receive a pdf version (FOC), just leave a note, OK?!

More of my cats here:

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