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Velp - Home Sweet Home

Last week I ended up in the old town of Velp, accompanying my sister to buy pipe tobacco for our dad and found a special shop which had an amazing range of products, all with labels warning of possible horrible diseases and shortened lifespans...

Anyway, my sister pointed out some of the attractive houses and remarked that it would make a nice blog post, so that's what happened!

Velp boasts a historical center with lots of classic houses, most in excellent condition, such as this 'Vleesschouwerij' (butcher) from the Dijkstra family.

Most are detached, 2 storey brick buildings.

All feature ornamental decorations in various details.

A fancy cake shop selling 'moorkoppen', a kind of typical Dutch cream puff.

A rather unusual clock tower.

Even the modern streetlights fit in nicely.

Interesting roof!

Also note the 'bricked up' windows, probably the result of the window tax from the 18th and 19th century!

To avoid paying tax (or at least pay less) some house owners reduced the number of windows this way...

A rather 'solid' house, but the blue paint, gate and the front door make it look much more attractive.

Fancy decorations above the windows.

A swan bench, never saw that before!

Here the shutters are a bit in disrepair...

The 3 trees in front are usually found in front of farms, providing natural shade!

Love those corners!

Look at that balcony...

Circle decorations.

In front another classic; a sleek Citroën DS!

This futuristic looking car dates from 1955 and was way ahead of its time (*).

Onze Lieve Vrouwe Visitatie kerk dates from 1885.

There's plenty more in Velp!

Let me know if you'd like me to continue ;-)


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