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Walk On The Wild Side

Yesterday afternoon I had an appointment with two old friends for a walk somewhere through the countryside near my place.

Earlier this year I cycled a lot in the Tienhoven area, but I knew there was a specific walking trail - het Vredevoetpad - as well, so this was a good opportunity to check it out.

The footpath was clearly marked, only at times we had to cross barriers like these.

Although the day had started with rain followed by drizzle, the afternoon weather was fine, occasional hazy sun but hardly any wind, perfect.

This place is a clever combination of farmland and nature reserve.

Wetlands like these are popular with birds, although obviously they were taking a break when I took this shot.

However several times we could see lots of geese flying by in the distance...

A lonely swan happily doing his or her business.

The muddy walking trail.

Another pool area...

These two were not particular amused seeing us and a couple of other walkers.

We had to wait a bit and walk very carefully around them!

Lakenvelders, they look a bit different compared to the more classic Dutch black & white cows.

A flock of sheep who were not really interested in us...

The last part of the trail is along a B road with quite a few nice old farm houses and trees.

Earlier on the walkabout, photo by Anita.

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