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Walkabout 2022

My first walk of the new year, again through the old town, but via a few different routes.

A relatively new way of crossing the Chaophraya River is by the Chao Phraya Sky Park bridge.

But my trip started really inside minibus 42, I guess the driver must have been very thirsty...

Opposite Sam Yot MRT Station.

Obviously we're close to Chinatown here.

Some offerings at a shrine.

Wires & lights...

Kind of mirror selfie?

Bird incoming!

Lots of scaffolding around Sao Chingcha.

Giant Swing acrobat...

Taking a break...

It almost looks like those spirit house dolls are wearing masks...

A suspicious feline at the nearby wet market.

Inspecting the goods.

The local ice factory shop.

The khlong along Atsadang Road.

Other side view.

This was not my intention, but he saw me taking a photo of a street cat and immediately assumed that I'd love to take a shot of his pet dog... Normally I never take pics of dogs, but oh well...

Massive big yams seller.

The Chao Phraya Sky Bridge park's part is rather minimal, but it does offer some great views!

A local cat at the amulet market on the other side of the Chaophraya River in Thonburi.

Hard at work.

A dragon dance shop.

The big drum used during the performance.

The owner suddenly turned up and was kind enough to turn the big dragon head mask around!

Arrived at Kudeejeen!

Or perhaps Kudichin? Oh well, who cares about spelling...

To be continued.

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