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Walkabout 2022 second part

Continuing the walk past a church, a Chinese shrine, a mosque, and 2 temples...

Above is a side path leading to the old Kuan An Keng Shrine.

Banana view on Santa Cruz Church.

Some more Christian influences.

Plenty of old wooden houses in this area.

Inside Kuan An Keng Shrine, I took this photo from a distance, but still a bit embarrassing as only afterwards I noticed the 'don't take photos' sign...

Even in ancient shrines you can't escape this...

Impressive woodworks at Kuan An Keng Shrine.

Some fighting cocks in their coop.

A pretty healthy-looking temple cat.

Sneak view of Wat Kanlayanamit.

Lighting candles and incense...


The old Ton Son mosque a bit further along.

A novel way of drying out sausages I guess...

Arrived at Wat Arun!

Those colorful glazed mosaic tiles offer wonderful reflections.

Of course, a minivan window does similar tricks!

One of Wat Arun's many 'guardians'.

A bit high up but interesting roof decoration.

There were quite a few tourists around that day.

I remember that many years ago you could climb up quite a bit...

All decorations remain impressive!

She had just finished taking several selfies ;-)

Gateway with another 'guard'.

A few animal statues are scattered on the temple grounds.

Those three monkeys obviously have seen better days, the last one might have seen too many selfie-taking visitors...

All in all a great walk and it felt great to see some of the tourist places slowly coming back to life again!

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