Walking along Nieuwendammerdijk (dyke)

Before returning to Thailand I had to visit Amsterdam, by now this has become a tradition.

My friend Hendrik was waiting for me at Central Station.

From there we took a ferry across to Amsterdam North.

We walked to the Vogel Buurt (bird neighborhood) and admired some of the stately houses.

To our surprise we found this derelict jugendstil GEB (Gemeente-Energiebedrijf = Municipal Energy Company) thingy.

The 3 crosses refer to Amsterdam's coat of arms!

Classic entrance unfortunately messed up by poorly executed graffiti...

We arrived at Nieuwendammerdijk, a narrow road built on top of a dyke with lots of old houses on both sides.

A stylized letterbox.

A highly unusual statue that reminded me of some birds as featured in Marten Toonder's comics.

In the distance: the Augustinus Kerk (= church).

No. 217 features a swan and a cow, probably referring to some occupation in the distant past...

The church seemed surprisingly large for such a relatively small community.

The interior was in perfect condition, which Sundaymade me wonder what this would look like on a sunday.

Houses buillt alongside this dyke road all feature a kind of 'basement' floor which created a lot more space of course.

Different front styles, all nicely spruced up or in process of renovation.

Lots of cyclists here as well, we really had to watch out!

Something I had never seen before, a house with a round corner, apparently this is more common in Belgium.

Note that the window is round as well!

Plenty of history here.

Completely different style again...built

Dutch tradition, whenever children have successfully finished school, a schoolbag is hung alongside the Dutch flag!

The colorful stone bench in front was part of an art project and benches decorated in all kinds of styles can be found in various parts of Holland.

To be continued?



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