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Walking Around Itsaraphap 1

I’ve been a member of the Bangkok Photographers Group now for a couple of years, but of course ended missing a lot of their monthly Photo Walks due to my unexpected Netherlands adventure, instead of a 3 week family visit it became a stay of almost a year…

Therefore I was very happy to be able to join the group on their walking trips again.

However due to Covid these had been significantly changed as group activities are considered too risky.

Instead they have become solo self guided walks!

I had a good look at their Itsaraphap route (in Thonburi) map and decided to recheck it in more detail on Google Maps.

Next time though I will print it out on paper as checking a digital map AND taking photos on the same mobile is a bit cumbersome.

Consequently I ‘got lost’ twice and later heard from others that they went off-route quite a few times as well.

Even so, getting lost is part of the fun and at times can lead to surprises, not all necessarily pleasant perhaps, but still.

I got off the minibus near Itsaraphap MRT Station and walked towards Soi 27.

There was a small fresh market going on which always is worth a couple of shots, such as boiled eggs on skewers and a little shrine.

From there I wandered through the narrow lanes, passing food stalls, motocy taxi stands, locals doing their thing while looking carefully at the surroundings for anything that might be of interest.

I caught a monk in a tiny coffeeshop, faded murals, odd reflections in a mirror, an amulet seller and more.

Of course I still had to pay attention to the few motorcycles and bicycles, but some of those too could be photogenic, see for yourself:

To be continued!


On April 7 I attended the Photographers Group meeting in a Mexican restaurant as I was eager to see some familiar faces again.

The occasion for the meeting was the presentation of the results of this particular photo walk, every time a selection is made of the best shots and posted online afterwards.

However this was the first time that I saw everybody’s (and a few of my own) work on a very large screen with commentary from various photographers.

Definitely a highly rewarding experience and it was especially interesting to see photos of objects/people/scenes that I’d completely missed or from different angles.

More than a few times all of us admitted that we didn’t have a clue where a particular photo was shot!

Here is the #95 Itsaraphap Photo Walk March 2021:

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