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Walking Around Itsaraphap 2

The solo group walk continues...

Originally started in Itsaraphap Soi 27, but by now just strolling through side alleys.

Flowers and advertising sometimes go well together.

Motocy guys waiting for a ride and a spirithouse, its thirsty spirits are probably not at home...

Two-wheeled beast of burden.

1 helmet and 2 face masks...

A really strange combination.

Another mirror shot.

Still life of 5 flower pots and a pair of shoes.

City skyline, note all those satellite dishes on the roof...

Wooden letterbox.

Moss covered stone.

This motocy guy was happy to pose.

Another odd combination...

The grilled chicken guy immediately started acting up...

A very surprised looking cat! Sorry to see him (her?) in a cage...

The dragon head from a slightly different angle.

To be continued

Part 1:

Here is the official #95 Itsaraphap Photo Walk March 2021 from the Bangkok Photographers Group:

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