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Walking Khlongside - Part 2

We'd arrived at Bobae and had to wind our way through some alleys before getting back on track again.

It's a busy area with lots of little shops and technically here starts Khlong Maha Nak.

In the distance: Mahanak Mosque.

Great NASA SPACE shirt!

Ice delivery guy taking a break.

Very official looking, complete with signs...

It seemed like an odd space to store wheelchairs and a chicken coop...

Camouflage, just hide the old shacks behind wall paintings, sad really.

This one, on the other side of the khlong, at least looked like a proper mural.

In Soi Damrong Rak we encountered this old building with a cool logo: Bangkok Industrial Engineering Co. Ltd.

Old wooden doors and corroded hinges...

In the open office of a wood company: no calculators but abacuses!

This golden pig is the symbol of Wat Sitaram.

Some parts of Bangkok still feature these open drains...

Back on the walkway, we passed this overgrown door, which made me wonder what could be behind...

Finally, at Phanfa we had fried rice and a few beers to finish off our walk!

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