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Wan Chaloem Forest Park anyone?

This morning I left early cycling not really having a clue where I'd be heading. I rambled along Plaibang Road, crossed klong Mahasawat and continued down Suan Phak until the 'end'. From there I could either head back via Wat Chaiyaphruek or go into the 'unknown', cross under Boromratchonnee and continue on Chaiyaphruek and Chak Phra Road. What caught my eye on the GPS map was a long stretch of green called Wan Chaloem Forest Park, something I'd never seen or heard of before!

The name sounded really intriguing so off I went.

A few years ago I went to Taling Chan Floating Market but didn't recall seeing any park there...

No surprise, apart from this tiny green area there is no such park at all!

The rest of the trip was a piece of cake, although crossing footbridges are no fun at all.

Also stopping for getting a drink at a 7-11 is kind of tricky, entering all hot and sweaty into a sub arctic mini market can’t be good for my health…

Even so, all in all it was a good 20+ km ride in which I saw a few new areas which gave me some ideas for future exploration.

P.s. Googling Wan Chaloem Forest Park also resulted in nothing much!

#cycling #Bangkok #Thailand #Thai #TalingChan #forest #park #minimarket #sweat #hot

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