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Wat Bang Phraek

The number of temples in Thailand must be truly astonishing and after a while they tend to 'blend in' the background.

One comment that keeps coming back from tourists is that they get 'templed out' after visiting Wat Pho, Wat Arun, Wat ...

I must admit not being that keen on temples either, but some do catch my eye.

For Buddhists, the interesting parts usually concern sacred objects/relics, famous abbots, etc., but I'm looking at temples from a different perspective, mainly photogenic (*).

Last month I had a good look at Wat Bang Phraek, an ancient temple built in the late Ayutthaya period, 1697 AD.

The first thing I noticed immediately was the rabbit wall around the temple and the demon God Rahu being used as a side entrance of the ubosot, something which I'd never seen before.

Surrounding the ubosot at various places are some neat religious sculptures.

Here is a close-up.

This one almost caused me to burst out laughing!

Peeping out between the 2 demons is a kind of cute cartoon rabbit!

UPDATE: Even funnier, I was just informed that this is actually not really a rabbit, but Pikachu, one of those Pokemon characters!

Roosters are very popular here too, but some ended on the ground, too crowded?

Aha, there's the culprit!

A few large-sized roosters are scattered around the temple.

This too is rather uncommon!

Some cows are kept in the back of the temple.

This gives you a bit of an idea about the temple grounds.

Does anyone know the significance of those rabbits?

(*) Here are some other temples I've explored:

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