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Wat Mahathat and Surrounding Area

One of the older (before the founding of Bangkok, 1782) temples, Wat Mahathat, originally known as Wat Salak, is considered ‘Royal’ as it enshrines some Buddha relics.

It’s quite a large compound with additional buildings for meditation and Buddhist studies.

Drink seller near the entrance on Maha Rat Road.

It features a Khmer style prang (tower).

Clear instructions for visitors + an ubiquitous warning regarding pickpockets...

Paying respect.

A gathering of devout Buddhists.

Discarded name board...

During my visit I was quite quiet...

Apart from some more English language mutilation it's surprising to see how the temple's name is spelled, Wat MaHaDhatu, which is different from everywhere else.

Lunch break for devotees.

2 nuns engaged in conversation.

Note the Buddha's base features memorials deceased people whose ashes are interred behind their photos.

On certain religious days it can get very crowded, but not with tourists as Wat Mahathat isn't often visited.

A devout reader.

I interrupted this nun mobile phone activity, no idea what she was doing, but I assumed it didn't concern Facebook...

Some offerings were presented earlier.

Classic temple window view on the 'prang'.

The area around this temple is interesting as well as Maha Rat Road still has plenty of old style shops and a large amulet market can be found in some of the nearby alleys.

Traditional Frame shop, although they do offer photoshop service for portraits!

Friendly grandmother.

Religious items on sale.

Lottery ticket sellers.

Coconut ice cream seller doing his rounds.

Relaxed tuk tuk drivers waiting for customers.

This street leads into Thammasat University.

16th August refers to Thai Peace Day, in commemoration of the Seri Thai movement and those killed in World War II.

A monk admiring some snacks.

Busy footpath!

Nearby Phra Chan Alley used to have many amulet sellers cluttering the footpath, but no more, only a few hawkers are left such as these 2...

There are a few religious products stores.

As well as traditional medicine shops!

In other words this is another fascinating neighborhood in Rattanakosin worth visiting especially if you are interested in street photography!

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