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Wat Suthat

I'd been many times to Wat Suthat Thepwararam before, usually taking photos of the 'farang' statues, and inside the main 'Viharn' and the Ubosoth (Ordination Hall).

A bearded farang...

This time though I ended up wandering through the 'gallery' around the Viharn.

At first just looking at the various golden Buddha statues..., but soon afterwards I got more intrigued by the murals or what was left of them by zooming in a bit.

Besides that, there are black Buddhas as well.

Whereas the murals inside the Viharn detail the previous lives of the Buddha, these focussed on nature in faded but warm colours.

Buddhas observing lunch...

Nicely detailed flowers, butterflies, birds and more!

The gallery (or cloister) is in poor state due to water damage...

That bat seems to have some kind of tail, artistic license?

Newly painted black Buddhas.

A closer look at another bat, this time without a 'tail'.

This was actually my first photo which made me pay more attention to the background!

And to finish it off...

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