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Whatever happens in Phnom Penh...

What defines a city: Highlights? culture? nightlife? restaurants? art?

Any answer is possible of course, but for me it is really about the streets I walk through, the people, buildings, forms of transport and more I encounter...

It can be an odd combination of old and new.

Or those 'made in India' tuk tuks you see almost everywhere.

Advertising and scribbles on a wall.

A baguette offered to a gecko...

Footpath barber service.

There are some modern high rise buildings but nowhere near as many as in Bangkok.

Durians are popular here too.

I remember many years ago being surprised by the sign 'no guns, no durians' in a Phnom Penh hotel!

Standard housing.


BBQ and wires, bon appetite!

Nice decoration of a vehicle's roof.

Lots of tuks, most of them can be contacted by an app (Pass App).

Personally I don't find mopeds not particularly comfortable to use as chairs...

Kids playing a game.

These corner buildings are still quite common.

Lottery anyone?

The first cyclo taxi I encountered!

Chickens in the heart of the city...

Fire wood business.

A very relaxed driver...

End of the line.

A more modern skyline.

Artist's impression...

To be continued!

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