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When The Sun Goes Down...

After the presentation of the selected last photo walk pics of the Bangkok Photographers Group, I walked along Sukhumvit and instead of going straight back home, I decided to take my time...

Street light in the dark can be harsh, but also provides lots of shadows which can be photogenic...

I started walking slowly and occasionally took some snaps, ignoring the usual sales talk of 'bystanders'.

On Sukhumvit's footpaths, lots of stuff is sold, even after sunset business continues till midnight...

Tourists (hardly any!), food sellers, hustlers, sponsored girlfriends, beggars, and some people who've lost the plot a long time ago can be found here.

For now, my aim was Nana BTS Station.

Up there provided excellent views as well.

Not exactly a bird's eye view, but still.

Assorted vendors.

An unusual (but perhaps Cozy?!) look at Sukhumvit...

I took the Skytrain and got off at Ratchatewi.

And walked to Phetchaburi.

There I noticed this odd trio!

That cat was not supposed to walk immediately towards me!

Eating on the footpath can be done at almost any time.

Almost a beer commercial, sorry...

Workers leaving a construction building site.

And there was my bus stop a little further on for the trip home!

It was a very enjoyable experience that I will try out again!

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