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Yellow Vs Green

The next few days were going better again, partly thanks due to some decent sleep.

As they say, it's all between your ears so I worked out various ways to achieve some changes there.

I opted for room service, excellent decision, see cartoon at the bottom of this post for more details!

Down in the lobby I had noticed this before, but I'd always turned right towards the reception and no one ever stopped me before from continuing to the Relaxing area...

But after half an hour or so a guard came in, looked at my yellow badge and told me I was in the wrong Relaxing area (*)!

Turned out I had been (for several days!) in the green area instead of the yellow one next to it...

Hallelujah! New space!!

I even had company: a fellow quarantine dude from China who didn't react to my friendly 'Good morning'....

Never mind, I had new views!

Of course the new yellow Relaxing area looked suspiciously similar to the old green one, but for now I didn't care!

On the yellow way back to the lift I encountered the next tree inmates about to be aired, at least they reacted positively to my greetings.

(*) The first time I was there a guard came to have a look, took photos, talked a bit but never mentioned anything about me being in the wrong area...

Just before I was moved from Green to Yellow an inmate suddenly appeared in the next door (Yellow!) relaxing area and from a distance we chatted a bit.

He was a quite talkative Swiss who proudly proclaimed that he had been outside of the hotel several times in order to buy food at the 7-11 (actually we can order this through the hotel staff) until he was 'caught' by one of the guards...

He was pissed off about that ('they don't have the right, bla bla bla') and had received a warning letter from the authorities!

No surprise..

Soon afterwards another guard came to 'remove' him, good riddance, what an idiot!

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