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Despite being addicted to comics from an early age on, I never made any serious attempt to draw them. Even much later when I started drawing more professionally the whole idea of portraying the same character in a kind of a story line didn’t appeal to me. Of course this may also have to do something with the fact that I’m not particularly good at drawing the same character over and over again!
However last year I began to notice that one ridiculous guy in my drawings started to look almost identical and before I knew he became a ‘regular’… The name popped up a little afterwards!

Who is Jolk?
Good question! By now I consider him an enigma wrapped in tissue paper, his life is full of contradictions and not constricted to any time period or logic.

What is Jolk?
He’s definitely not a super hero or even an anti hero, he’s just Jolk!
And whether he’s actually human is doubtful as I once drew him being conceived from some kind of a plant.

04 March 2019 small.jpg
09 August 2019 small.jpg
2019-03-05 07.46.52.jpg
2019-03-04 07.02.53.jpg
2019-02-23 07.28.24.jpg
2019-03-02 07.29.49.jpg
2019-02-27 09.16.27.jpg
2019-02-28 08.28.59.jpg
2019-03-06 07.05.45.jpg
2019-03-20 07.05.44.jpg
2019-03-19 09.18.24.jpg
08 July 2019 small.jpg
07 June 2019 small.jpg
03 February 2019 small.jpg
05 April 2019 small.jpg
10 September 2019.jpg
02 January 2019.jpg
06 May 2019.jpg
11 October 2019.jpg
13 December 2019.jpg
12 November 2019.jpg
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