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Bright Lights Big City

Bangkok is the biggest city I've ever encountered, and I enjoy exploring it, even after 35+ years!

Whether on foot, by bicycle, or public transport, Bangkok has so much to offer!

After sundown, the city looks very different again and provides more photogenic opportunities, at least i.m.h.o., such as these commuters waiting for a bus on Ratchadamnoen Avenue.

Brown Sugar - The Jazz Boutique has changed locations a few times over the years, in the late 80s I visited it in Lang Suan, many years later in Banglumpoo, and recently in Chinatown's Nana, great atmosphere!

Also in Chinatown, lots of restaurants and bars can be found, such as this grilled shrimp place on Maitri Chit Road, with an ancient short-time hotel next door!

The Chinatown Gate roundabout, although not really that old (1999), is certainly visually attractive.

Completely new to me was this Robot guard at a Chinatown intersection!

Yaowarat Road at night is the place to be, except on Mondays when street sales are not allowed.

A rainy Democracy Monument...

Another landmark is The Giant Swing a.k.a. Sao Chingcha.

Krung Kasem Road has loads of food stalls in the evenings.

Actually almost anywhere in Bangkok it's possible to find a place selling food at night!

Whether full meals or just snacks, such as this lady selling jackfruit.

Night markets are also very popular among tourists and locals as you can see here at Jodd Fair.

Over the years Chinatown's Nana has been transformed into an incredibly hip place for the alternative-minded Thais with gin bars, ice-cream labs, weed shops, and more.

Motorcycle break at Petchaburi Road.

Psychedelic Motocy Driver.

An odd dental Panda statue stimulating kids to take better care of their teeth? At that age, it would probably give me nightmares instead!

Concert (in C-minor?) in front of Sao Chingcha.

A well-tarted up tuk-tuk, completely with Michelin dolls on top, with those 2 safety is ensured!

A street vendor at Chinatown's Nana.

I'm still very puzzled about that question...

Hectic Yaowarat Road.

Tukkin' around Democracy!

And in case you wondered, yes, for once I did filter my pics.

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