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On The Border - Chong Mek

Border towns in general have a special atmosphere, they feel a bit grungy, are usually very active with lots of things happening, and Chong Mek was no exception.

According to Wikipedia Chong Mek primarily functions as a border crossing between eastern Thailand and southern Laos. Vang Tao is the corresponding border town on the Lao side.

We went there to meet up with 2 clients who were on a Thai-Lao inspection trip.

As we arrived a bit early I started wandering around and shooting pictures, plenty to see!

This is a busy border crossing on the main road between Ubon Ratchathani (Thailand) and Pakse (Laos).

For individual travelers with lots of luggage and/or delivering goods to the local market, these basic push/pull carts are very effective.

You can see them here in action.

Overloaded pickup cars are common here as well.

Local service providers on the prowl for freshly arrived visitors from Laos...

Tuk tuks here use a back entrance in order to squeeze more passengers/goods in...

Lots of stuff on sale at the market, it looks like those cat-patterned pants might take over the elephant ones!

Something I'd never seen before, honeycombs wrapped in banana leaf!

Skylabs are very popular here too!

Most are really colorful.

The Thai border building looks like something out of a Sci-Fi movie!

And this friendly signboard seemed like a good way to finish this post!

4 opmerkingen

Great shots, Koen! I was here a good few years ago, and remember the market very well.

20 mei
Reageren op

Thanks Farq! Nice to see you here!


Very good images, KK, and you have captured the busy nature of the border. I am fairly sure we have been here before, but cannot recall the circumstances..

02 mei
Reageren op

You and Tim dropped me off there after our Khong Jiam trip!

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