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Chiang Dao Visit

Last week I went to Chiang Mai to meet my friends and ended up traveling around quite a bit.

Local guides waiting for tourists

One of the places we visited were the famous Chiang Dao caves.

Near the entrance of the caves though there is plenty to admire as well, such as this almost overgrown viharn, an assembly hall.

A statue of a famous monk: Kruba Srivichai

More religious statues.

Front detail.

Overgrown shrines with Buddha images.

The colorful entrance to the cave.

Lots of opportunities for 'tamboon' (making merit)

Buy a colorful ribbon, write your name on the fabric, and wrap it around the fence posts!

Lots of ribbons!

Inside the cave, there are various Buddha statues.

The first part can be done easily on own, but for anything more hiring a local guide is highly recommended.

Buddha and toys seem like an odd combination, but I have seen this at other temples too...

A highly unusual statue is Phra Phuttachao Kassapa, a sleeping (instead of reclining on its side) Buddha.

More details.

Some of the statues are in a poor state but still impressive.

Back outside I took some more shots of the impact of Nature on the temples before leaving this fascinating place and continued our journey up North...

Detailed info here:

2 Kommentare

ray storey
ray storey
10. Jan.

This is really good, KK. I have not been to these caves.

Gefällt mir
10. Jan.
Antwort an

Definitely worth visiting Ray!

Gefällt mir
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