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Morning Ride To Sri Chiang Mai

Sunday, March 3, our cycling trip was finally starting!

Last year we got as far as Beung Khan (*), but this time we were going in the opposite direction...

Although not really departing at the crack of dawn, we hit the boulevard way before 07.00 AM.

While cycling we passed several places where shredded tobacco leaves were being dried, the first time we saw that done this way.

The water level of the Mekong was low...

Short stop at Little Kaeng Mae Khong River, a popular place for Thai tourists, but virtually deserted when we got there.

The weather was surprisingly cool, but the sky looked seriously pissed off...

After an hour or so we were lucky enough to find a roadside restaurant: breakfast time!

And a little later it started raining hard!

From a distance, these 'pink fields' looked mysterious, but close-up they turned out to be plastic strings holding up tomato plants!

Temple stop at Wat That Pak Mang, Kong Nam. I love those massive trees!

Inside the Ubosot (ordination hall), Ray turned red...

In some places, there seemed to be very little water in the Mekong...

Tim and Ray admiring the views.

Lots of birds with a Lao 'backdrop': Vientiane!

Stop at Wat Ban Phan Phrao, naga decorations are everywhere in this part of Thailand.


Wat Hat Pathum, Sri Chiang Mai!

This great fishy street art we saw on a few other walls!

A restaurant perhaps?

Like Nong Khai, this town too has a serious riverside boulevard.

Finding a hotel with a twin and a single room, preferably with fan, wasn't that easy.

Various hotel staff were on the whole very friendly and happy to send us off to other places!

Most hilarious was the owner of a resort opposite a very noisy factory who fully understood our reluctance to book rooms at her place...

She didn't talk but shouted all the time and wished us the best of luck further along!

Typical roadsign of Sri Chiang Mai.

The overall appearance of this town seemed a bit like faded glory to us...

Perhaps due to the effects of Covid 19?

Sunset time...

Not many occasions to cycle really along the Mekong unfortunately...

Coffee stop (photo: Ray)

Inspecting a tobacco farm (photo: Ray)


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6 comentários

Following Ray's series on Shutterchance and enjoying your pictures very much too.

16 de mar.
Respondendo a

Thank you so much 😊


I am enjoying your blog which shows more pictures than Ray's Shutterchance, and gives a fuller picture of your adventures. I

love Ray's pictures too

16 de mar.
Respondendo a

Thanks Elizabeth! I think altogether you will get a good idea about our experiences there ☺️


09 de mar.

Like always, marvellous! I wonder where the "Sri" in the name comes from? Sounds very Hindu. Anyway, I got a good laugh at the shouting matron and liked the nagas. Keep on recycling!

09 de mar.
Respondendo a

Thanks Steve!

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