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Recently I visited Koh Kret again, always something to do or see, to me never boring.

I'd brought 2 of my friends over to check out some pottery at the shop and decided on the spot to have a closer look myself.

Just looking at the shapes, patterns, shadows, and sunlight...

As usual the 'shop' is a combination of an atelier, workshop, and showroom.

Adding the decorations is a slow hands-on process.

Where it all starts, with the potter's spinning wheel, nowadays fully automatic.

This workshop participant was doing a really good job!

I tried it a few times, but the results were always a mess...

In combination with a traditional garland.

In the back of the shop is a huge kiln.

They have seats for 3 participants at the time!

Different models at different sizes.

The kiln's entrance...

Some pottery items have been here for quite some time as you can see...

This lady is part of the family business and very efficient at her work!

In-depth background story here:

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