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Clockwise 53

My previous Bus 53 post (*) was well received and got some reactions, including one from a photographer friend of mine, Leo, who asked if we could do that trip together sometime.

Sure, the more the merrier, and a good opportunity to check out the (slightly different) route in reverse!

We met last Saturday morning at Hualamphong Railway Station, spent some time walking around, admiring the old locomotives on display, and finished our visit off with a coffee.

From trains to buses.., we walked to the nearest bus stop, Wat Duang Khae, and boarded a No. 53 a little later.

We decided to use the back seats as our 'base'...

I requested the ticket seller for a close-up of her tools of the trade to which she happily obliged.

Whereas I just use my mobile phone (**), Leo was well-equipped with two heavyweight Canon WMDs...

A monk came aboard and sat down at his (always!) reserved seat, anyone sitting there has to move immediately.

With every stop, there are possible photo opportunities!

Passengers were getting on and off, but it never got crowded.

I'm not a particular Cola fan, but these dragon ads aren't bad at all.

Just lean out of the window and shoot.

Leo on the other hand just shot people from miles away...

Getting on & off buses can be tricky as you have to watch out for motorcycles!

Bussing along Yaowarat Road, Chinatown, was slow going...

Observing the crowds near the Grand Palace.

Clickety-clack, 8 baht, please!

Some bus stops were quite busy.

He didn't look like a tourist...

At Thewat we had to change buses and here you can see why they call it 'Circle Around Thewet'!

We got a seat up front.

Yup, still 8 baht!

Monks usually wear orange face masks...

This time some tourists and their Thai guide got on board as well.

Come in, come in!

"Move it, Leo, we're getting off!"

It was lunchtime and we walked over to the old Nang Loeng market for a bite.

After an excellent lunch, we walked back to Krung Kasem Road where I saw these neat decorations near the bus stop.

Later we saw several more.

Back on board again.

Sadly enough the number of homeless people seems to be increasing...

Chat & ciggie break.

The local undertaker taking it easy...

Back in front of Hualamphong, we got off, another great trip again!

Photo: Leo

Photo: Leo

Photo: Leo


(**) OnePlus 7, GM1900

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